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438 yds  par 4  s.i.4

403 yds  par 4  s.i.4

350 yds  par 4  s.i.4

Hole 16

Arguably the hardest par 4 on the Blue nine. The tee shot needs to be aimed to the right side of the fairway to get a helping bounce from the mound and the fairway slopes right to left. Down the left side of the fairway are two small fairway bunkers, find one of these and the green is almost impossible to find in two. The second shot, if going for the green in two, has to carry three cross bunkers some 30-75 yards short of the green - Colt’s signature yet again - so many may choose to lay up short of these. To the left of the green is a generous sized bunker and beyond that is a very deep hollow about 60ft below the putting surface. If going for the green in two it's best to club up as the front of the green slopes towards you and anything on the first 10ft of the green can run back onto the fringe. The green is one of the most difficult on the course especially when putting from back to front.