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402 yds  par 4  s.i.4/3

373 yds  par 4  s.i.4/3

360 yds  par 4  s.i.2/1

Hole 23

The tee shot over the marker post on the brow of the hill gives no indication of the splendid golf architecture that lies ahead on this very strong par 4. Keep the drive near the post as anything right gets stopped by a series of mounds and will be blocked out from the green. Anything too far left may never be seen again. The fairway then runs downhill away from the tee and a good drive sets up one of the most picturesque second shots on the course. The bunkers and ditch set across the fairway some 80 yards short of the green should not really be in play but the tall trees right and bunkers front left and right have to be negotiated. The green, set in a bowl of pine trees, is larger than it looks and slopes quite steeply from back to front with a number of difficult pin positions possible.